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Dev Debate's first ever gamejam will start on 01-01-2022

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Progression is key

The main aspect of the gamejam will be progression. This can be as simple as a character leveling up in a world designed by you or as complex as a skill tree that gives you powers or abilities the further you go in the game.

This means there are no limits to what progression can mean in your game and also zero restrictions. Go wild with it and be creative!

2 Dimensions, 1 less to worry about

The first gamejam held by DevDebate will have a rule for its creation. This rule is that it has to be 2 dimensional. This is to make the basic development a lot simpler and therefore the end projects more complete

2.5D is also permitted but keep in mind that there is a time limit to the gamejam and the best outcome would be to have your game as far worked out as possible.

Highlighted Engines

  • 01


    By far the most used engine and therefore a good choice in terms of community support and available documentation.

  • 02

    Unreal Engine

    A great engine, requires c++ instead of c# or javascript like unity but all and all a great choice for developing games.

  • 03

    Game Maker

    For 2D games this is a great choice. It does have it limits but it is very easy to learn and use.

  • 04

    Be creative

    All engines started somewhere and there are a lot to choose from. Pick one you like best or use your own even.

Used Technologies